After reading @kylog‘s blog post about the topics he is going to write for the #vDM30in30 challenge.

I thought I might share of topics as well, before November hits and I need to get writing! So what is #vDM30in30? Its a blogging challenge where you write 30 posts in 30 days. So, while trying to come up with topics for the challenge, I wrote out a list of things technologies or applications that I currently work on, then added applications that I would like to deploy next. There are two parts that makes this challenge hard to accomplish. The first is writing that much content in the period of time. The second is learning the applications that I have not yet worked with. The topics that I have come up with so far are listed below, but I likely won’t follow the order.

  1. My Troubleshooting Theory and Methodology
  2. Cannot connect to one or more vCenters (re-register vCenter server with SSO)
  3. Basics of PowerCLI
  4. Basics of ESXCLI
  5. #Migrate2VCSA
  6. First VMUG Presentation Experience
  7. VMware Community
  8. VMworld First Time Experience
  9. Partner Exchange Experience and Impression
  10. Ideas for Building a Home Lab
  11. Cloud Home Labs
  12. Professional Development for Younger IT Pros
  13. Higher level view for a future of vSphere 6
  14. VCAP-DCA Experience
  15. VCSA 5.5 Update 3 to 6.0 Update 1 Upgrade
  16. Favorite Flings and Why
  17. Testing the Host Web Client Fling
  18. vRealize Orchestrator, Ideas, Impressions and Future Projects
  19. vRealize 6 and my impressions on vRealize 7 (based on blog posts and documentation)
  20. Wrapping My Head Around NSX
  21. IBM SANs and VVols
  22. xCAT Server: Getting it started
  23. xCAT Server: Building on the Foundation (DCUI redirection to xCAT)
  24. DCIM, What I Look for and Why I Chose Device42
  25. AC / DC Power and Circuit Planning
  26. Resources for Data Center Infrastructure
  27. DevOps, What the hell is that about?
  28. Thoughts on Dockers and Containers for Hosted Applications and Deployments (theory)
  29. Rewrite: Virtualization as Schools Teach it
  30. Rewrite: Virtualization as the Industry uses it
  31. My Certification Roadmap (Which ones and Why?)
  32. This is How I Work (play on Lifehacker’s articles)

Might be a couple other topics for the list but this is just for me to pick from when I get a chance to write. Here goes nothing!