I’ve attempted to blog 3 times in my life, first on tumblr with no topic, second as a blog on general tech as I was working in retail and a third time when I wanted to blog about tech I was learning and getting involved with. Each time amounted to about 2 posts in a year or so. I just couldn’t continue writing because I felt it wasn’t good enough or I was too busy trying to learn the tech to sit down and write about it.

The vDM30in30 challenge came up and I thought I would give it a try. Even as I wrote the 7 or so posts, it was hard to find the time in the beginning, let alone the 15 or so drafts that are still awaiting to be published. The challenge is hard, but just as @kylog pointed out in his post “Writing is Hard, Redux”, this is still more than I’ve written in a single year, and I did this in a month! This isn’t the end, especially as I try to focus on writing about virtualization for first-timers.

I spoke about this topic with @cxi during VMworld and feel like its how I really want to approach this blog. Unfortunately I did not take that approach during this month, its how I want to move forward with this. Ideally, presenting each new tech or feature as if using it for the first time. In the spirit of the category, I am truly #New2 blogging. Watch for those 15 drafts as I clean them up, and maybe as I rewrite a couple. I think I can keep this up, I really do, because I enjoyed it so I am looking forward to 2016!