A little bit ago, we upgraded to VCSA 6.0 Update 1a on all sites. One of the features that I looked forward to most was the Content Library. But, we ran into an issue with one of our VCSA’s…In one site, when either creating a local content library or subscribing to one (that had no authentication set), the subscribe/create procedure would error out with a message stating:

This method requires authentication.

After talking with some people, others who saw this issue might have had firewall issues between both vCenters. Due to the inability to create a local content library, that ruled it out as a reason.

Another symptom we noticed was that when creating a support bundle to send as part of our service request (SR), the bundle download would fail due to network timeouts.

The short answer on this is that missing certs were the cause. The deep dive to fix will come later. We will be sending data to VMware to try and get a KB article created to explain the process to resolve.

In the meantime, if you see that you are having the same issues, contact VMware support and escalate the issue up. Mention looking into the certificates used for secure token signing.

Hope this helps!