While I have been writing posts on professional growth, I’ve also been working on what my next step should be. Like anyone trying to continue their career growth, you take a few things into consideration and draw up a plan.

  • What is the larger end goal for my career?
  • What knowledge and experience am I missing to get there?
  • What short term goals and next steps can I do to help?

It’s with those ideas in mind that I am happy to say I will be joining VMware in March, as a Systems Engineer!

This is a role I felt would greatly challenge me and continue to push me forward into new markets and challenges. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s an excellent team at an already amazing company. I am extremely excited for this opportunity and what it entails for my future.

As I continue forward on this journey, I’ll continue to blog what I see and do. In the meantime… VMware here I come!