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by layuso • September 17, 2015

I’ve considered blogging for awhile as a way to relay a simpler method of understanding some of the work I do in Virtualization. One of the moments that really shot out at me was when I first started to work with Virtual Distributed Switches in ESXi (more on that later). It came to my attention […]

Post-VMworld, first time and hopefully not the last

by layuso • September 17, 2015

Its the week after VMworld 2015. I’ve successfully survived my first very LARGE conference. For those reading this heading to VMworld 20XX at some point, I’ll leave something at the end for you. For the most part though, it was amazing. First couple of days for me was the Partner Exchange. I’m lucky enough to work […]

VMworld and posts to come

by layuso • August 23, 2015

I may be relatively new to the virtualization game but I am honored to be sent to VMworld on behalf of my company. As my first time at VMworld, it’s going to be interesting, exhausting and from what I can tell, hard to keep up. I’ll be doing my best but I thought I could […]

Just getting started…

by layuso • August 22, 2015

I’ve written a couple things from time to time on my tumblr page. It’s not really where I wanted my infrequent blog to stay, and I already have a web hosting account, so here I am. I think I want to make this into some sort of research journal or log about my journey through […]

Next Gen vNerds

by layuso • July 30, 2015

Ever had a subject that you wanted to publicly speak about? I have, but I think I’ll blog it first instead. First let me just say, the VMware community is amazing. The amount of continuous sharing of information blows me away. I am extremely excited for VMworld. I feel like i’ve been lucky in my […]