This one goes out to all the students

by layuso • November 12, 2015

This is just my opinion based on my experiences and having watched others go through the same program(s) that I did. Take it as you  like, but I hope it helps some of the students out there getting ready to hit that “requires X experience wall” in the job market. A week or so ago I […]

Active Directory, Aliases and Hostnames, OH MY!

by layuso • November 7, 2015

Before I get into this, I need to set it up. NOTE: Be prepared to reboot the VCSA a couple times… it takes forever for the web-client to initialize and seriously, that needs to stop VMware. Sub 20 second Web-Client Initialization… NEEDS to be in the next release. I think I speak for everyone when […]

Adding vCenters with the similar hostnames to the same Root AD Domain

by layuso • November 7, 2015

If you add a Windows Server to a Domain, you have the option of preventing the Domain Controller from changing the servers hostname. The example is if I have server1.acme.com, and I want to add it to my ad.acme.com domain, during the process of registering the server, it will change the servers hostname to server1.ad.acme.com. Not […]

Client is not authenticated to VMware Inventory Service after VCSA Upgrade to 6

by layuso • November 4, 2015

Had this issue today after upgrading from VCSA 5.5 U3 to 6.6 U1A. How was the VCSA setup before? DNS servers configured to Prod DNS Time configured to AD servers (automatic when you join the domain from the VAMI) AD configured Symptoms: Logging into vCenter Server completes successfully with Administrator@vsphere.local AD Users that used to […]

Virtualization, the way the industry sees it. Part 1

by layuso • September 17, 2015

First off, I won’t claim to speak on behalf of the entire industry… this is going to have a VMware bias. With that in mind, lets move forward. So… in my last post (Virtualization, the way the school teaches it…) I talked about desktop virtualization apps. This is really where it all started. In the […]