I’ve written a couple things from time to time on my tumblr page. It’s not really where I wanted my infrequent blog to stay, and I already have a web hosting account, so here I am.

I think I want to make this into some sort of research journal or log about my journey through data center virtualization. I’ve got a long ways to go and much to learn but I really need to find the time to write.

I think the next post might cover how I got to where I am now, but I feel like I would have to be necessarily vague on points for the sake of my employment… Need to work on that.

I hope to turn this into something later on, but for now it’s an experiment. Really what I would love to do is bring more people into data center virtualization. Younger people like college students. This has been a tremendous career booster for me and I feel obligated to help others do the same. But that’s a blog post for another day.

So here is to starting this. I hope someone reads this and finds it useful (talking about future posts of course).