I’ve considered blogging for awhile as a way to relay a simpler method of understanding some of the work I do in Virtualization. One of the moments that really shot out at me was when I first started to work with Virtual Distributed Switches in ESXi (more on that later). It came to my attention that the majority of documentation was meant for people who had already had some time under their belts with Virtual Standard Switches (also more on that later)… and that there wasn’t too many simpler explanations.

So, having been relatively new to quote a few VMware products and learning more an more as I go, I figured that a majority of my posts would center both around the perspective of being new to a feature or system as well as blogging about my experiences as I grow within the Virtualization Community (its a pretty awesome group of people).

If a post is tagged with “New2”, its either going to be my first experience with a feature, tech or function… OR its going to be my explanation for the next guy looking for a simpler idea of what the hell this feature is, how it works and why you might want to use it.

There is going to be quote a few posts regarding this at the beginning, but I hope this helps students or younger professionals looking to get started. Those are the people I want to help as it turns out. So here goes nothing…