For the last year and a half, I’ve been working as a Systems Engineer for VMware’s Commercial segment. I’ve really enjoyed the time on this team, engaging customers in the field and getting comfortable with VMware’s sales practices. During this time, my boss had recommended me for a potential vCloud Air Network position because of my background working for a vCAN partner. That recommendation didn’t pan out but it did trigger a serious consideration for vCAN as my next move.

As of this month, I am official the Technical Compliance Systems Engineer. Odd title but what it means is that I will be focusing on Usage Meter and helping build a better reporting process for VMware’s Service Provider network.

I will be focusing on Usage Meter and program compliance. Its a pretty neat role in that this is the first one in the company. It will be interesting in that I have a chance to define the role as the program grows. As the vCAN moves forward, I believe there is definite need to make changes to the reporting process and the data that is collected. I have a few ideas already and look forward to diving in. Some of the things I am excited about is creating content for the SP’s and assisting on changes to the program that benefit everyone involved. From what I’ve seen so far, SP’s should be very excited.